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This video is about the deep sea vent life

Emanuel polley dr.r this is a video about the deep sea vent is about the people going down the ocean to find new things and discovering new creaturehis
this is what i[ post for human impact on deep sea vent videos.
this video is about how animals in ocean keep them self safe from other animals

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this video is about scientist finding a new animal in the deap

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This video is about a creature named bathysaurus.

This video is about life on the deep sea vent.

This video is about a sea spider in the deep sea vent.

The video is about the vent and underwater volcanos.

This video is about deep sea vent volcanos and its life.

The video is about a basketstar witch was found in the deep

sea vent.

This video that I posted is about the creatures of

the deep sea vent.

This video is about a navy ship that they made

it into a ship that now explores the deep ocean.

The video is about a dancing octopus.

The video is about lake that are in the deep

sea vent in the ocean floor.

The video is about it saying that there is gold in the ocean but they

discover that it is fools gold.

The video is about the ring of fire that

takes place in the deep sea vent.

The video is about a crab that eat trees, for example if

a tree fell in the ocean and hit the deep sea vent floor

a crab will find it and eat the trees that fell from the surface.

The video is about the deep sea volcanos.

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this video is about the deep sea
Deep sea creatures
about hygrothermal vents
about the deep sea vent
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Annotated Videos about the Deep Sea Vents

Deep Sea Vents Videos by Michael Hernandez 11/30/16
This creature was found 1600 feet deep in the ocean. It’s an Anglerfish – distinguished by the rod protruding from its head that it uses to attract prey.
With flexible bones, and a stomach that can be expanded, it can swallow fish that are twice its size.
95% of the ocean remains unexplored, most of which is considered the deep ocean.
But what exactly is the deep ocean? The first 200 meters of the ocean are the open ocean. Much of the marine life we know of lives here, where there is light.
Below 200 meters, where there is little light left, you enter the Twilight Zone. Once you pass 1,000 meters, the water is completely devoid of light, and you have reached the deep ocean.
Down here, temperatures plummet to 39 degrees Fahrenheit, and constantly stay near freezing. The pressures at these depths range from about 40 to over 110 times the pressure of Earth’s atmosphere
There’s another world beneath the ocean’s surface. Come join us, as we explore The Depths Below.
Orange and red flashes in the pitch black. Lava oozes from the cracks, and rolls across the ocean floor. Earthquakes rumble and roar as tectonic plates grate against each other.
We’re at the rim of the Pacific Basin. Because it is one of the most geologically active places on Earth, scientists have nicknamed the area, “The Ring of Fire.” The movement of tectonic plates has created a nearly continuous series of oceanic trenches and chains of volcanoes stretching for twenty-five thousand miles
There's another world beneath the ocean's surface. Come join, us as we explore The Depths Below.
The earth cracks open. Fluid and minerals spew up from the seafloor. Water shimmers. Life abounds. We're looking at hydrothermal vents, originally discovered near the Galapagos Rift in 1977. Basically, a hydrothermal vent is a hot spring produced by underwater volcanoes or tectonic activity.
But what's really cool about them is the abundance and assortment of life that exists there. It's not life like we're used to up here on the surface – it's adapted to the dark conditions of the deep ocean this video is about the deep sea vent and it gives some fun facts.CHECK IT OUT!
this video is about the deep sea vent it talk about the underwater life
This video is about a man who devoted his life to study the wonders of the sea. In this video he is looking at the deep seas wonders. like the animals and the plants its very interesting. Check it out!
This video tells about the Mariana Trench and is animals and plants. Like: The flat fish. It also shows a cool expedition.
This video is a grand documentary about the deep sea. It shows how the underwater animals do on a daily basis

This video shows all the creatures and objects in the deep sea. It pretty much shows you all the animals in the deep sea
This video shows background information about the deep sea vent

This is other video is about all the plants and animals in the deep sea.

Hydrothermal //Vents// - David Attenborough - YouTube


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