Hi my name Michael Hernandez

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8Miw4ZXDeA
This am project for am gold fish it one of them.

2. http://oceantoday.noaa.gov/studentssaveocean/

+Deep Sea Vent Project by Jenske and Anthony

Shark Diorama:
Shark Diorama:

show all your projects over here First project shown by Naomi Rodriguez


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If you haven't really hear of the deep sea vent, this section isn't for you. But if you have i'm

gonna tell you some edvice about The Deep Sea. First off, some people would be usally

ask " What animals are there?" well one of them is the DragonFish. Some people may

think that its a original fish, well its not, its actually like parania but its size is way bigger

then that.


Now I know that MANY of you have heard of the Giant Squid.If you haven't, don't worry that's a good

thing. Why? because i'm gonna tell you what it is, A giant squid is well a nickname for " A THING OF LEGEND".

But hears another thing, its slightly related to a sperm whale. Like in my prediction, a giant squid is just a

just much much much much bigger

Giant Squid
Giant Squid

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Plastic ocean

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In one of these pictures or picture you could see people litter and throw out food in ocean

it could be anything you think of EVEN THIS CHAIR. I have no clue why anyone would

litter this chair IT LOOKS FINE TO ME. or this chair has been underground for the past

10 years because it looks old. There's more objects that are litter which is what i'm gonna

gonna talk about.

Bioluminescence PROJECT

By Naomi Rodriguez

external image imageexternal image Bioluminescence-at-Beach.jpg

Facts about Bioluminescence

1. Bioluminescence is in fact a chemical?! the reaction in the chemical is by the enzyme luciferase and the light-emitting pigment luciferin.

some people think its fireflys underwater but its not the light is from again a chemical. the chemicals name is kinda unknown but i would

think scientist are finding out about what its called. Its mabye a deadly chemical because of how it looks like but it cant be posions at

all because is it was we would have been dead in a sec. Also you could make bioluminescence your self ill tell you how.

How to make Bioluminescence

.1 Have any highlighter with you