Hello, my name is Annira Benitez and I am in the Arctic team with Nana Kamissoko and Jaquelyn Alvarez. We are working on a topic of Global Warming in Antarctica. On this page, I will share my information with whoever is reading this the ways people can make a change to help Antarctica and make it a happy place for the Polar Bears and Penguins again!

If you may have heard or may not have heard Antarctica is in some issues of GLOBAL WARMING.


So I found a project that is a poster board about basically the effects of what global warming does.

Items you need:

1.) Poster Board

2.) Markers

3.) Printed Pictures/ Drawn Pictures

4.) Written Part of Presentation to more explain the cause and effects

Hello, my name is Annira Benitez. We are the point of this big project to create an ultimate one to sum up the cause of this ecosystem and its problems. So, my partners and I are doing research for one. We will list possible ideas, well enjoy! :)

These are ideas for the big project our Antarctica team will do:

Idea # 1:

For this idea, I don't really have a picture to show other than this; So I will explain.

external image Comparing_the_poles

My partners and I modeled this; 3 styrofoam balls for each earth; paint for the land and water; and clay for the ice/snow on top.
Well, this new, and almost upgraded, version of this BIG project we will do is almost the same topic but more detailed, like zoomed into the little-modeled globes and showing what is actually happening.

What I mean is that my partners and I will model 3 sets Antarctica with Plaster of Paris; One, where everything is a healthy, perfectly fine
example of Antarctica. Almost like when Global Warming didn't even exist for Antarctica, to be exact.

An example:

external image 3156BB8700000578-3453028-With_a_healthy_krill_population_in_Wilhelmina_Bay_humpbacks_are_-a-3_1455959057283.jpg external image 491413-antarctic-ice.jpg?itok=0KHm9OTb

Then, the second one my partners and I will try to model with plaster is when we will start to see Global Warming taking place.

An example:

external image article-2372487-1AEC892A000005DC-272_634x427.jpg external image antarctica-tourism.jpg

Then, the third we try to model is where you can definitely realize Global Warming is doing such a big impact and practically destroying Antarctica.

An example:

external image 2613534477_9e38b9cdd2.jpgexternal image 1-global-warming-antarctica-melting-550.jpg

Nobody knows what will happen in the future to Antarctica, so that's why at the end of these 3 models we would put a question mark indicating that people would get the hint and know it depends on what we do predicts whether we decrease the damage Global Warming does. Finally, we would show what would happen if don't act fast, like if we were too late and Global Warming has won Antarctica and had no ice left, like so:

external image Screen-Shot-2013-06-05-at-3.17.44-PM.jpg

The thing I had just explained will just be the beginning of this project. Nana, Jaquelyn and I have decided are going to make a poster board about Antarctica in the future. We will explain the effects of people not acting fast. We would print out pictures as I have above (Antarctica without snow) and say that this picture is the "What If ?" of Antarctica if no one tries to solve CO2 emissions from increasing. We would explain the causes of the destruction in Antarctica and possible solutions like we have explained before.
This is all we have for right now but we will be sure to discuss more to make our ideas bigger.

Okay, that's all the ideas I have so far but I will be sure to do more research for amazing ideas!

~ Annira Benitez

Hello, I am Annira Benitez from The Antarctica Team. Recently, my partners and I have succeeded in our work, in fact, winning 1st place in our Science Expo! Just how I've explained above, we made a poster board that looks like so:

(Poster Board Picture Here:)

We also made a model of pieces that consist of: A big snowy mountain made Jaquelyn; A regular sized piece of broken up ice and tiny little pieces along with it made by me; and square pieces of snow so then later we can break it into pieces to show molten ice/snow by Nana. We arranged it into a way that is similar to this:

external image antarctic-sea-ice-growing.jpg

After all this, it was successful! There is a lot I wanted to describe about this project. In verbal form, and movie/animated form.
"This project is called 'The Impacts of Global Warming on Antarctica Dynamic Ecosystem.'
We are working on a serious issue happening in Antarctica (or any other place that is getting affected) as we speak. That is Global Warming.
Global warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse affect caused by increased levels of 0 carbon dioxide,chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutant. This project was made to show how human impacts have made greenhouse gasses rise and now coming to the result: ANTARCTICA IS MELTING DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING!!!!
The model we have made is a replica of Antarctica to how it's pieces have separated and got smaller & smaller.
Soon, this ---> O (ice)
Will turn into.....
This ---> . (ice) <--- Antarctica's beautiful landforms of ice will turn that small if climate change keeps going on.
Possible solutions for this climate change crisis is to

My partners and I feel that right now, much people are not caring about anything happening.
Although, we believe that in the future...
People would hopefully start to notice that all of this would be worth it to take a stance to end this global crisis; to know that what we did as activsts is helping not only Antarctica but, us too.

~Annira Benitez

Hello, my name is Jaquelyn Alvarez and I'm working on a project with my partner Nana Kamissoko and Annira Benitez. We're working on Antarctica and me and my partner has been working on one thing....

Global Warming
This is a project me and my partner Nana wants to do but are currently getting the supplies for it.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQezHhurPun0X99vE8le8ydAsGlEIw_GafnZ6OB7VxCiLpgCDoshA

Items needed
•green and blue paint
•white clay (to make it pop out more)
SPHERE SHAPE to make the earth model!!!
•Different models to compare The ice coat then to now

Hello, my name is Nana Kamissoko me and my partner Jaquelyn Alvarez are working on the Antarctic ecosystem project we are working on the effects that GLOBAL WARMING cause on Antarctica. As Jaquelyn mentioned we are getting supplies for this spectacular project.

Poster Board Model


1. markers 1. clay (white)

2. printed pictures 2. paint (green and blue)

3. round or sphere shape to make the earth.

This is what we are doing.This is our project is a project the has animals and one person it has the house for polar bears and water, it's going to be awesome.
no nada.jpg

Hello! my name is Christopher Pena and today am going to show you my new project or our project but first am going to introduce you to my partners Darlin and Joshua. this project is the one were going to make together and there's also another one that we are going to make so sit back and observe.

Here is number one
new project.jpg\
Number two is this one

Tools and work to make that project number two
  • Shoebox or similar-sized box
  • Construction paper or card stock
  • Acrylic paint
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Paint brush
  • Cotton (optional)
  • Paper bowl, styrofoam chunks (optional)

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My name is Andrik Tan and I will show an example of a Antartica Ecosystem Project: