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Aviyonne Williams
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Hi my name is Valeria Mendez these are my videos of ocean ecosystem

=Ocean ecosystem Video By Adrian Reyes


Ocean ecosystem video by Samiah Mercado


the video is about terrifying animals
this video is about the ocean ecosystem and the coral reef the video is about the dangerous animals

the video is about the dangerous animals

Janalyn Vega, Alexzandria, and Princesa Soriano diaz(me) are going to show you a few videos on the ocean

what an ecosystem?
An ecosystem includes all organisms in an area & environment in which they live in.
what is a population?
A population is all the humans of a particular town, area, or country.
What is a community?
a community a group of people living in the same area
What is a niche?
A niche is a role played by an animal in its ecosystem.

hi my name is Janalyn Vega. I am working with Aleczandria and Princesa. Here are some videos on the ocean ecosystem 1:
here is the second video 2: here is the third video 3:

This is a quick video that shows the currents in the ocean. You will see that there is a few types of currents. So oceans are not always cold. They are warm in the the mid way in the hemisphere.

This is a video of animals that live in the ocean ecosystem. It is like a slide show.This should make you to protect my ecosystem. Just because of how the nature can be so attractive. This is a fact. Stop endangering the ecosystem of the ocean. Now this video is just showing animals that live in the ocean.But that does not mean you should treat the ocean like it is nothing.That means do not throw anything in the water.And definitely don't kill no ocean animals. Because the ocean might be named differently but you are really just hurting one ocean.

My name is Victoria Martinez this is a video I closed for ocean life ecosystem