Ali Abdelaziz Videos and Notes

1.This video is about buffalo jerky's in the grassland ecosytem's.i learned about different types of animals in the ecosytem,but what i learned more about is the buffalo's.

2.This video is about different types of insects like grasshoppers,ants,fly's,and spider's in this video.

3.This video is about the Treasures of the grasslands such as wolf gangs And Deers.

Jessly Ortega Videos and Notes

This is video about Grassland ecosystem. In this video I learned that has a lot of svana anmls and tall grass, tall tress, and tornado .people hunt for animals.

2. This vido has buful grass and dry grass the whole land is green theres water it has a beautiful song

3. This video is about cubs and what they do. They play fight; they walk with there moms. They like to eat and clean themselves and run around.

by Rossenys Diaz
Video 1
Hi everyone, I just watched this amazing video on Grassland. Watch it NOW!You will get a lot of good information on grassland.This is a song about the grassland ecosystem

Grassland Video

To be clear this video is about the Grassland Food Chain.
It includes the meaning of "food web" "food chain" and most importently:
The Grassland Food Chain\Web.


Posted by Astric, video by TeacherTube; Enjoy.

This video is about anmls that are showing what they do when no one is waching them .