Deciduous Forest Ecosystem name is Quynh and today im going to be showing you videos about the deciduous
this video is about the deciduous forest trees and animals
this video is about trees and animals and where the deciduous are located and plants plus their soil..
this video is about the deciduous forest facts and plants and animal and their ways

My name is Emily and here are my videos about the Deciduous Forest.
This video is about animals in the Deciduous Forest and how they are in their ecosystem.
This video explains the temperate in the Deciduous Forest and explains why there are seasons in the Deciduous Forest
-This shows the life cycle of animals in the Deciduous Forest and what they do.



My Name Is Emmanuel and here are my videos!
First Video:

These are my videos

Hello Fellow Deciduous team, This is Antony Reyes I am in Mrs. Williams class. I would like to share my first video on deciduous forest ecosystem with you. I hope you enjoy this great video.

Hello my name is Shaniya,I'm from Ms.Rivera's class and here are some videos I would like to share:

hello my name is sharon and i would like to share these rescourceful videos for my ecosystem
these are the videos that i have put up for you to watch. Thank you very much!!! bye
this is a video from youtube about what is a ecosystem