• Cut out construction paper mountains or hills for the background, and tear or cut small pieces of brown, red, orange and yellow construction paper to form fallen leaves for ground cover in your deciduous forest diorama.
  • 4
Glue your construction paper cutouts to the background and ground of the deciduous forest diorama and allow to dry.
  • 5
Cut out the shapes of a few trees that might be found among the deciduous forest plants and glue the cutouts to the bottom of the box to form a background layer of deciduous forest plants.
  • 6
Position the box for your deciduous forest diorama so that it is sitting on the side of the box that you have chosen to be the ground, with the bottom and opening of the box perpendicular to the ground.
  • 7
Cut additional trees out of construction paper. Cut a notch of about 1/2 inch in the bottom of the cutout, and cut out a stand with a notch to fit.
  • 8
Cut out deciduous forest animals for your diorama. Use pictures online to draw your own, or simply print pictures of animals from your computer. As with the trees, cut a notch and a notched stand to fit.
  • 9
Position the deciduous forest plants and glue or tape them in place.
  • 10
Position the deciduous forest animals around the plants, placing some animals in the trees, like squirrels, raccoons and birds, as appropriate. Glue or tape the animals in place.
  • 11
Label the animals or plants by gluing or taping labels to toothpicks and gluing or taping the toothpicks to the corresponding plants and animals

Read more: How to Make a Deciduous Forest Diorama | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5630580_make-deciduous-forest-diorama.html#ixzz1uwnndOPi

Hello its Allan once again. A project I'm going to present is a salt crystal tree, her is what it
looks like!

external image 365bb8cc1844ca7ecd0a55b86b4cfb3f_salt-crystal-tree-project-10_gallery.jpg

Materials (Step-By-Step)
1. 2 Tree Cut-Out's (cardboard)

Cardboard Tree Diagram
Cardboard Tree Diagram

2.Food Coloring (Use on tip of the "branches")

3.A bowl (Prefer small bowl)

4.A teaspoon of water